Each team will consist of 14 players to be drafted.
Each team has the luxury of carrying a 17 man roster via free agency.
We will have a free agent pickup available at the end of the draft.  Pickups will be done in the same order as the draft).
Free agency via the internet will otherwise begin at 12:00am the following day.

Starting Roster:
(Flex) RB/WR

Scoring:  Points to be calculated to three decimal places but be reported as whole numbers. The fractions are to be used to eliminate a tie score.   (Technically yards passed, rushed, rec’d apply the same to all positions compiling offensive stats with the exception of TE.)

QB:      .025 per yard thrown = 1 point per 40 yards.
           3 points per TD thrown.
           4 points per TD rushed. 
           4 points per TD caught.
           1 point per two point conversion thrown.
           2 points per two point conversion rushed.

RB:     .05 per yard rushed = 1 point per 20 yards.
          4 points per TD rushed.  
          3 points per TD thrown.
          4 points per TD caught.
          2 points per two point conversion rushed/caught.

WR:    .05 per yard received = 1 point per 20 yards.
          4 points per TD caught.  
          4 points per TD rushed. 
          3 points per TD thrown.
          2 points per two point conversion caught/rushed.

TE:     .1 per yard received = 1 point per 10 yards.
          4 points per TD caught.
          4 points per TD rushed.
         3 points per TD thrown.
          2 points per two pong conversion caught/rushed.

K:       1 point for XP.
          FG = .1 point per yard kicked.

D/ST:  1 point per sack.
          1 point per take away.
          1 point per block punt/kick.

          2 points for a safety.
          4 points for TD scored.  
          4 points for kick return.
          13 points for a shutout (-1 from the 13 per point scored against).

Note:  If  a touchdown is scored by a special team of one owner and the the individual who scored is owned by another... BOTH FANTASY TEAMS WILL RECEIVE THE POINTS.

Formation:  14 Teams (5 East, 4 Central, and 5 West) is our Goal.  Please note, there have been seasons were only 12 or 13 teams have participated.  Payouts will be adjusted if we have less than 14 teams.

Draft Day:  1pm, Saturday, September 3, 2016

Draft Order: To be announced on Draft Day.  The draft order will reverse round by round, "up and down the ladder." (Example: If you pick 1st in the 1st round you will pick 14th in the  second round, 1st in  the third round, 14th in the fourth round etc.)  Please note, a player's position as listed on the draft day sheet is his position in the OFFL.

Draft Time Per Round:  2 minutes is allowed for each team to draft their player per round.  We will keep time manually at our chosen "live location" rather than risk any software override.  Those drafting online will receive a warning that time is about to expire from the time keeper.

Starting Lineups:  Starting rosters need to be in by
1:00pm eastern on Sunday (This includes Monday night also.)  For Wednesday/Thursday games- players will lock in by game time. For example, if you have a guy on the bench that you want to play that upcoming Thursday- he will be locked on the bench when the Thursday game starts if you have not moved him. Of course if he started for you the week before and you fail to place him on  your bench- he will lock in as starter by the start of the Thurday game.  Pay close attention to the NFL schedule...

Trading:  All trades will be approved by the Commissioner's Office.  If the trade involved the Commissioner, the Assistant Commissioner will review the trade.  If an owner objects to the trade, please reach out to the commissioners.

Trade Deadline:  Trading will cease at 12:55pm eastern, Sunday, Week 9.

Playoffs:  Start in week 14 and go 3 weeks (based on a 14 team league). 

Free Agency:  Free agent pickups will be allowed during the playoffs (teams out of the playoffs are not allowed to release players.)  All regular season releases will be cautiously monitored due to this rule.


6 Teams will make the playoffs.
     - The three division winners.

     - Three wild card teams comprised of:
     - The next two teams with the best records.
     - The sixth seed is reserved for the team that scored the most points from the remaining teams.

12:55pm, Sunday, Week 14: Adding/Dropping of players will only be performed via Fee Agency.  Free agent pickups will be allowed during the playoffs (teams out of the playoffs are not allowed to release players.) "The dumping of players at the end of the season by teams will be monitored by the Co-Commissioner's Office to avoid collusion."  


$110.00   Team Entry Fee
$004.00   Website Fee & Domain Name (06/14/15: Purchased 3 year contract for a discount. $163.11 =  $54.37 annually. Will round up w/change going to the pot).
$006.00   Live Scoring Fee  "Scoring software via MyFantasyLeague, 1 year contract .  Pete purchased for $80 (early bird) once returning teams were established.)

Free agents are $5.00 a piece and this will be added to the OFFL champion's kitty.
*By agreeing to these terms, you will be required to try Mistress Bianca's recipes for the grill.

PAYOUTS (Based on a 14 team league).

     - $30.00     First Place
     - $15.00     Second Place
     - $07.00     Third Place

      - $40.00         First Round
      - $40.00         Semi-Finals
      - $40.00         Fantasy Super Bowl

Please, note payouts will reduce if the league falls below 14 teams.
For example:  We only have 12 teams.  Payouts would be the following:


This left $348 + free agent money for the victor!

1st Place $24
2nd Place $12
3rd Place $6
Weekly Total $42

1st Round (6 teams) $35 ea
2nd Round (4 teams) $35 ea
SuperBowl (2 teams) $35 ea


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